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About Anna Kyle

  • Anna Kyle Hallway

    Located in Fairfield, California, approximately 30 minutes east of San Francisco, Anna Kyle Elementary School currently serves students in Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade. With nearly 750 students, maximum class size in grades K - 3 is 25 students; grades 4 and 5 currently average about 34 students per class.  Our goal is to ensure that each student at Anna Kyle will develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for success in school, in college, in a career, and in daily living in our diverse society.  Students receive instruction and participate in learning activities in a variety of curriculum and subject areas.  We strive to meet the needs of each child through the collaborative efforts of teachers, parents, support staff and students.

Anna Kyle Elementary Mission and Core Beliefs

  • We are dedicated to creating a school that gives every student the opportunity to develop their character and academic skills.

    We are committed to:

    • believing that every Anna Kyle student can be proficient and above in all academic subjects;
    • maintaining a sharp focus on the academic accomplishments of every student and making decisions accordingly;
    • educating Anna Kyle students in a way that prepares them for college, if they so choose to attend;
    • developing and refining exceptional systems that will support and ensure success of our students;
    • using the language of hope. We treat students, parents, and staff members with courtesy and respect; we acknowledge challenges that exist, but we refuse to accept defeat.