• Mrs. Hays
                                              Room: Room 4 and 8
                                              Grade Level/Subject:    
                                                      11th Grade US History (Rm 4)
                                                      12th Government/Econ (Rm 4)
                                                      Psychology Elective (Rm 4)
                                                      Art I Elective (Rm 8) 
    Contact Info: MichelleHay@fsusd.org 

    This is my sixth year teaching, but I have been working with students for over 15 years now.  I enjoy working with teenagers through all the challenging and fun times.  I graduated college with a degree in Developmental Psychology, and received my teaching credential in Social Sciences and Intro to Art.  I use aspects of Art in my history classes in various ways.  
    This year in all classes we will be focused on learning through Project-Based Learning.  This is a concept in which students are presented with real-world issues and they are guided through a project in coming up with creative and researched based solutions.  



    I use Schoology.com, which is essentially an online classroom where students are able access all their classwork, assessments, and communication with peers and teachers so they seamlessly continue their learning throughout the day, both in class and at home.  

    I have a weighted grading system that follows:

    Papers and Projects      35%

    Classwork                    25%
    Assessments                 25%
    Homework                   15%

    As you can see from the percentages above, student work showing their mastery of the concepts and topics through Papers and Projects are weighted the highest.  Attendance is very important for students to keep their grades up.  As a school wide policy, I do not accept late work.  If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to acquire missing work and turned in by their alternative due date. 

    Contact Information

    I am best to contact through e-mail, as I check it multiple times throughout the day including while at home.  Unless your questions or concerns are urgent, in which you can call the school and leave a message, please email me at MichelleS@fsusd.org.  Be sure to include your students full name in the email.  

    Special Requests

    Being a small school, with a small school population we, at times need help with classroom supplies.  Specific requests, if you are able to donate, would be copy paper (white and bright colors), lined binder paper, and pencils.  I will gladly accept any and all supplies that will be given.  

    Personally I enjoy being outdoors, running, and going to Disneyland.