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  • Natalie Riggins - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 12/12/2012
    "Beauty can be seen in all things. Seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." -Matt Hardy. Those are the words I live by whenever I take a photograph. To me, photography is so much more than just capturing an object, scene, or moment with just the click of a button. It's being able to see the beauty in something before that moment is captured forever. The picture has to be in your mind before it ends up on the camera, otherwise the meaning of the picture is lost. I do this because I love having a different eye for things then everybody else. Being able to make something beautiful that used to be just plain ordinary, or viewing the perfection in something that is far from it is what pieces my world together. Not only does it add a hint of spice into my life, but it helps me keep those beautiful moments imprinted in my mind. What can I say, the world around me is a never ending film strip!
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  • Treelight - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 12/12/2012
    I painted this using the influence of both the Guatemalan painting style and the design of the Tibetan sand mandalas. It's meant to demonstrate the vivacity that a fusion of cultures can bring to a life.
    I took this photograph in July of 2012 on the banks of Lake Atitlan in Antigua, Guatemala. In the background the volcanoes Atitlan, Toliman, and San Pedro (left to right) may be seen. I hope that this photograph can transport viewers to the exotic yet serene locale in which it was taken.
    This photograph was taken in a stall of the marketplace of Chichicastenango, Guatemala. I hope that viewers can appreciate the surprising harmony created by the juxtaposition of natural food and spices and the man-made plastic bags and scoops. I hope that they can come to agree that the beauty is in the everyday. 
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  • Sebi-Neko-Chan - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 12/12/2012
    These are photographs that I have taken over the past two years. I'm very interested in street photography and close up portraits.  While traveling and observing people I tend to find something that catches my eye and I photograph it.
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  • Flowing flowers - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 12/11/2012
    The reason I drew this picture was just to draw, since drawing helps calms me and is my sort of relax time. 
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  • Sebi-Neko-Chan - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 12/10/2012
    1. The Teddy Bear
    In this photo I was experimenting on close up techniques on my camera for photography class a few summers ago summer. Yes, the little bear on my shoe. Initially I wanted this photo to represent an escape from the daily routine. however it all depends on the viewer. 
    2. Petals
    In this photo I was experimenting on lighting techniques on subject matter for photography class a few summers ago summer.
    3. Restaurant  
    Last summer I visited Venice, Italy. I photographer this redcurrant because I liked the structure. 
    4. Chess
    In this photograph, the warms colors that are given off from the chess pieces represents the beginning of a game.
    5. Chess Game
    This was photograph was the first time I photographed with my LCD. I focus my camera on the chess pieces. 
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  • Teru K. - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 11/9/2012
    These forms of colorful paper are known as the Japanese kusudama (literally medicine ball). They are paper models that are created by placing multiple identical pyramidal units together to form a spherical shape. I created these as  gifts for a few of my close friends' birthdays.  After making these, I hope that others realize that origami isn’t just simple paper folding, but a form of great art.
     Teru K.
    Teru K.  
    Teru K.  
    Teru K.  
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  • PeachyKeen - Class of 2014

    Posted by Joe Summers on 11/9/2012
    This is a scan of one my sketches in my IB Sl art. This is the first one which was made in September on the 20th. 
    This was an answer to the prompt which was what do we expect from art? Truth? Seduction? Provocation? Beauty? 
    I chose beauty. 
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  • Treelight - Class of 2012

    Posted by Joe Summers on 9/23/2012
    This poem was written after spending a good deal of time in the philosophical world. Hopefully it will inspire thought within others.

    A blind.
    What we see
    Is what is there?
    This is unknown.
    Or mired?
    If what we see is not the same
    And what we want no one can name
    If we are stuck within ourselves
    And never can enter other shells
    Then tell me, please, I do request
    I do beseech you, please do wrest
    This bit of wisdom from your soul:
    Who are you to judge? Do you know?
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  • Mandarandaroo - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 9/23/2012
    In the one where Libby's in the field, she was just exploring around and was looking for something to chase. 
     The brick wall picture, she was posing for me because I had a camera and she knew that I wanted her to do something. Haha she likes to model(;
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  • The Brit - Class of 2013

    Posted by Joe Summers on 8/17/2012
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