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  • We are PROUD and Distinguished! Dolphin PROUD dolphin jumping
    Polite, Respectful, Own our actions, United, Determined to succeed 
    Welcome to Oakbrook!  We are dolphins and we are proud to be a California Distinguished school !!   We earned this award because we have a community of learners surrounded by a community of adults that support student achievement.  Our mission is to push our students to their greatest potential in their academics and in their emotional intelligence as they gather skills to negotiate a future life that is yet undetermined.  And beginning in 2014-15 we are able to further that work with our California Common Core State standards with a rich curriculum of visual and performing arts as an emphasis!  We have been and will be providing training to students and school adults and creating environments and performances that showcase our skills and knowledge in the four areas of visual and performing arts (VAPA):  theatre, dance, music and visual arts.  Visual arts includes work with technology and technological visual arts as well as classic visual arts learning.  We are so thrilled to be going in this direction with our students as we believe the richness of the VAPA curriculum in conjunction with the depth and fullness of the Common Core curricular path is a magnificent blend that speaks to the whole child and their strengths.
    We are  so excited to also become a TK-8 school.  We can offer students the choice of a smaller, intense 7th and 8th grade experience, or they can choose to apply for open enrollment to a comprehensive middle school.  Both are excellent choices, and are available for your childs greatest strengths to shine.  We are completely enamored with being able to offer an alternative path to our students, rich in leadership opportunities, deep in VAPA learnings, and experiences with both Rodriguez and Solano Community college as partners in our growth.  7th grade begins in 2014-15, and 8th grade completes our range in 2015-16.  
    We actually also provide a preschool for our students that show autistic tendencies, have 2 classes of Transitional Kindergarten and then are able to provide a full range spectrum of grades until high school by 2016.  We are so enthused with what we have become so far!  The best is yet to come!