• Welcome to GATE Magnet at K.I. Jones Elementary!

    The Fairfield-Suisun USD has five magnet locations for GATE students and K.I. Jones is the district's elementary site.  We are proud to host the GATE Program at our school and have the families and students be part of our school community.

    The links to the left will lead to our activities during 2018 - 19 at K.I. Jones as they unfold.    Although each classroom and grade level has its own flare and environment, we do have some program level plans and activities to promote the social and emotional growth of the students.  The GATE Olympics is an example of a program wide activity, as is the Multiple Intelligence Trek in the late winter/spring.
    Each of the seven GATE Magnet teachers is GATE certified - meaning that they have taken coursework and been certified in curriculum development and in the understanding of the particular needs of the gifted and talented student.  To that end, we have some different focuses in our curriculum than would normally be found in a general education classroom.  We know, for instance, that in a general ed classroom the teacher may need to repeat the learning 7-14 times to reach the majority of students.  In a GATE classroom, we find a repeat rate of about 1-3 times.  This means we can plan for much more depth and complexity and we can build on basic understanding of concepts.
    Look for these in the GATE Magnet classrooms:  a focus on depth and complexity icons, development of content imperative icons, looking at large scale themes, and thinking like a disciplinarian (think like an ecologist).   We also challenge an author's intent through our reading of Junior Great Books and the use of shared inquiry in reading, and we justify our thinking and claims with evidence.