Welcome to the Payroll Department

  • Employees are assigned to a payroll technician based on the first letter(s) of their last name. Please see the chart below to contact your payroll technician.


    A-Dov Dow - Lec   Led - Rich Richa - Z

    Holly Castillo - Payroll Technician

      Nory Zaldivar  

    Sierra Davis - Payroll Technician

    Nancy Valderrama - Payroll Technician

    Holly Castillo

    Email Holly

    (707) 399-5093

    Jennifer Pratt

    Email Jennifer

    (707) 399-5091

    Nory Zaldivar

    (707) 399-5096

    Sierra Davis

    Email Sierra

    (707) 399-1239

    Nancy Valderrama

    Email Nancy

    (707) 399-5092

  • Members of the FSUSD Accounting Department

Department Head

  • Kimberley Morgan, FSUSD Director of Accounting

    Kimberley Morgan

    Director of Accounting

    Email Kim

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