Armijo Multimedia Academy
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    The Multimedia Academy is a career pathway for students who are interested in pursuing the exciting

    careers available in the digital arts. Academy completion prepares students for their choice of

    employment or entry into post-secondary schools that emphasize multimedia. Partnerships in the

    community are established to give students real commercial experience in the field.


    Joining the Multimedia Academy allows students to develop independent thinking, cooperative learning,

    and technological artistry in a setting that allows them to be creative and use skills mastered in their

    multidisciplinary subjects. Students in the Multimedia Academy engage in cross-curricular

    project-based learning. Their science, English, social science, and multimedia teachers work together

    to insure that instruction overlaps from class to class to help students understand how one subject

    supports the others and vice versa.


    Multimedia presents opportunities for students to learn more about themselves, their goals and

    strengths while learning how to work with others under pressure. Multimedia also helps you find what

    you're good at whether it be multitasking, staying organized or gathering ideas. You also develop skills

    like being able to interact with others, communication, attitude and work ethic.


    The Multimedia Academy plans three field trips for its students at each grade level. Sophomores visit

    the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio, a local zoo for a science project, and the Museum of

    African Diaspora. Juniors, visit the USS Hornet and two local colleges. Seniors visit studios at KQED

    in San Francisco, Channel 13 CBS in Sacramento, and Solano Community College. In addition to

    these opportunities, Academy students attend the Futures Conference at the PAL Center and Career

    Day where guest speakers showcase career opportunities for students. Additional field trips may occur

    based on availability.


    Students apply for the Multimedia Academy in the Spring of their Freshman year. Multimedia students

    are in a cohort and take most of their core academic courses together in addition to their Multimedia



    This is the Course Sequence for the Multimedia Academy:
    Academy Program Course Sequence
    9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
    Student Applies During 9th Grade English 10 AC English 11 AC English 12 (AC)/ERWC
      Math  Math  Math recommended
      Biology AC Anatomy (AC) Elective or Lab Science
      World Civilization AC US History AC Econ AC/ Am. Gov AC
      Comp Sci 1/ MM1 Comp Arts/ MM2 DVP
      PE 10 Elective (or Lab Science) Elective or Lab Science



    Teacher    Room Email Phone Extension  Discipline
    *Edmonds, Oneta F-4 onetae@fsusd.org 2694  Social Science
    Losberger, Tyler   G-1  tylerl@fsusd.org 2710  Social Science
    *Marciel, Greg F-2 gregm@fsusd.org 2692  English
    McKinney, Rick C-8 rickm@fsusd.org 2658  Medical Science
    Martinez, Andrew D-4 AndrewMar@fsusd.org 2669 Biology
    Gonzalez, Lori C-5 lorigo@fsusd.org 2660 Multimedia 1
    Anthony Gonzalez  JS-1 anthonyg@fsusd.org  2679  Multimedia
    *Annex Teacher