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    You can also order online at  www.digitalstitchz.com.  If you haven't ordered uniforms before it is recommended you stop at the store to try on samples.
    In order to maintain the paramilitary structure of our thematic school and instill school pride, cadets are required to wear a uniform. The uniform is similar to those worn by professionals in Public Safety, and as such, Cadets should take pride in its appearance by keeping it neat and clean. 
    Uniform Pants (2 options only)
    • Dickies Brand:  NAVY BLUE regular flat front/classic STRAIGHT leg, ankle length (click on example links below for online ordering)
    • Digital Stitchz Pants: NAVY BLUE regular flat front/classic STRAIGHT leg, ankle (contact company to order, see info above)
    Uniform Shirt
    • Digital Stitchz Shirt: dark blue polo shirt with PSA logo patch and name embroidery (contact company to order, see info above)
    • Optional: WHITE crew-neck t-shirts (no logo/writing) may be worn as an undershirt 
    • Digital Stitchz dark blue sweatshirts/jackets/hoodies with PSA logo patch (contact company to order, see info above)
    • Dark blue sweatshirts/jackets/hoodies with PSA logo patch sewn on left chest
    *Items of a different color from dark/navy blue or with writing or with non-PSA logos will not be permitted
    *While hoods on sweatshirts are permitted, for safety reasons, no hoods are to be allowed worn on campus.
    • Black military style boot or black shoe such as an oxford (something with a toe that can be polished). No tennis shoes. Shoes must be polished weekly for inspections (See examples below)
    • Black Socks: for uniform
    • White Socks: for PE, socks must be plain 
    • Black leather basket weave belt with square silver buckle. Must be worn with uniform (contact company to order, see info above)
    • Black: solid and plain. Roller backpacks are acceptable
    • Digital Stitchz: shirt, short and red gym bag
                              (contact company to order, see info above)
    • White Socks:  must be plain
    • White Athletic Shoes: must be mostly white, can have minimal, neutral colored detail (gray, black, blue)  
                               (click on example links below for online ordering)
    oxford shoes boot PE Shoe
    Oxford Shoe                                Boot                       PE Shoe example with
                                                                                       neutral colored detail
    Youth PE Shoes Examples

                      Girl's Dickies                                                Boy's Dickies




                   Women's Dickies                                               Men's Dickies 

     **Click on store links for online ordering. Suggestions only, not required to buy from these specific stores** 
    High School Spirit Day Guidelines

    One of the most important things to remember is that the purpose of the Spirit Day is to look unified amongst your class.  This is not a free dress day, but rather a deviation from the standard uniform.

    Attire guidelines are:

    • class shirt;

    • standard blue jeans, blue jean shorts/capris, or PSA uniform pants;

    • jewelry should still follow the PSA expectation (see handbook for clarification);

    • closed toed shoes are preferred and sandals should have an ankle strap;

    • jackets should ONLY be the PSA jacket (if you have lost yours, you may wear a plain blue jacket or sweater); and

    • clothing should also follow the guidelines listed in the handbook for civilian dress code (free of holes).

    Any failure to comply with the expected dress code, will require the non-compliant cadet to wear his/her PE clothes for the day.  Future infractions may result in the removal of Friday Spirit Day privilege and/or a referral for administrative action.

    High School Athletes- Guidelines for Game Days
    Wearing one's team jersey is a traditional way to show team spirit and solidarity amongst team members.  However, it is also privelege and still needs to appear uniform in nature amongst team members. Therefore, Cadets will wear all portions of the standard uniform in its entirety except:
    • the standard blue polo may be replaced with a team jersey or team uniform top, which should be tucked in.
    Any failure to comply with the expected guideline, will require the non-compliant cadet to wear his/her PE clothes for the day.  Future infractions may result in the removal of privilege and/or a referral for administrative action.
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