• Ashley Braxton with Books
    Miss Ashley Braxton
    Room: 22 
    Grade Level/Subject:   
    English Lab 7th Grade
    English GATE/Honors 7th Grade
    Drama/Theater Grades 6th - 8th 
    Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h

    Welcome to Ms. Braxton's English page! I'm excited you are here to learn more about what is going on in my classes. I teach 7th grade English for lab and GATE/Honors. I also teach drama as an elective for all grade levels at Grange. Students in 7th grade English Lab have two periods of English everyday, providing students with more time to work on their English skills. This is my fifth year teaching at Grange Middle School and I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Previously I have taught 9th and 10th grade at Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas, CA, and 12th grade at Enterprise High School in Redding, CA. I attended Simpson University in Redding, CA, for both my undergraduate and credential education. My credential is in secondary English and I love teaching my students the various aspects of analyzing literature and understanding grammar! Outside of school you may find me reading a good book, hiking outdoors, or crafting various projects. I am also the proud owner of two cats names Scooter and Rosalita! 

7th Grade English Calendar 2014-15