• Meet Ms. Gedvilas

    Ms. Gedvilas is a 6th grade teacher at MGCCA.  Ms. Gedvilas graduated from Fairfield High School.  After high school, Ms. Gedvilas attended Solano Community College and Cal State University, Sacramento.  

    Ms. Gedvilas thinks that building rapport with students and seeing the “light bulb” go on when a student understands a new concept is the best part of teaching.  The worst part of teaching is not being able to “reach” a student and working with students who give up or won’t try.  Her personal goal is to get her students thinking critically and applying what they have learned to real world applications.

    Ms. Gedvilas' dad told her to make sure she loves going to work each day, so she chose teaching.  Ms. Gedvilas loves to spend time with her family, scrapbooking and camping with her dogs.

    Tami Gedvilas
    Room: 5
    Grade Level/Subject: 6-12

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