• Dear K.I. Jones Families, 

    My name is Dave Marianno and I am so excited to be entering my third year as principal of KI Jones Elementary.  As somone who taught here in the past, (3rd grade-2002-2007), I know first hand of its excellence.  I have only the fondest of memories of teaching third grade in Room 12 and particpating in all of the "extra things" at KI.  This is my 34th year in the FSUSD.  I taught for 21 years and have been in administration for the last 13.  I grew up in Fairfield, attended local schools, and my wife and I raised our four boys here in town.  My family has been in this area for several generations now.  We love it here!

    The 2019-20 school year will be another interesting school year.  The campus is reaching the completion of nearly $20 million of new construction and renovation that has made "flexibility" our middle name as we have proceeded over the last year and a half.  At the end, we will have a new office complex, four new "state of the art" kindergarten classrooms, four new 21st century 4th grade classrooms, a new library and innovation lab, a new staff room/workspace, an outside shade structure, a new playground, a new staff parking lot, several security cameras installed and more.  Obviously we are taking every measure and precaution to keep the children safe while construction is going on around us.  But we all will have to be flexible as we continue to be impacted by construction.  If all goes well, we will be done with everything by winter break in December this year.  Feel free to stop by and ask questions or call and talk about the construction.  We will do our very best to communicate every step of the way.

    I am a reasonable person with a very interesting, demanding, and complex job.  I will do my best everyday to ensure the school runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.  I will again share my core values about my educational leadership philosophy with you here so you can help me be accountable to them... 

    1) Be positive!  Be ridiculously optimistic!  ( We are the purveyors of hope!)

    2) I will relentlessly beat the drum of academic achievement for all students!  (That's our business, after all)

    3) Every day is a new day for kids, staff and parents. (Clean slate every day)

    4) Open Door Policy- (My door will be open and I will do my best to meet with whomever needs to meet with me)  I like to be in classrooms, playgrounds and in the cafeteria- mostly!

    5) Hard Work- (We owe it to our families and students to work hard each and every day)

    6) Integrity and transparency- ( I will be honest and I will "tell it like I see it" while maintaining kindness, respect and dignity to all stakeholders)

    7) Love the students!  (We must show the kids we believe in them and care about them.  Our belief in their ability to learn at the highest levels and our willingness to overcome any obstacle to make that learning happen will ultimately determine how successful we are.  We must also model basic human kindness to them! ) 

    8) School should be fun! ( I believe that kids learn more when they have fun at school.  I will go out of my way to make school fun for kids!)

    The 2019-20 school year will be another great one at KI Jones.  Only "awesomeness" ahead is still my projection.  I look forward to continuing to know the students and families here better.  I look forward again to upholding the academic excellence that has always been a KI tradition.  Once again, I look forward to working with this great staff, these wonderful students, you the families and the KI Jones PTA to make it just the best place for kids.  

    Mr. Marianno

    Please contact me at: 

    Emails: DavidM@fsusd.org

    Phone: 707-421-4195