• MIddle School Athletics
    Department Head: Aaron Cyr
    Phone: 916-529-2054
    Email: aaronc@fsusd.org

    Fall Sports - September - October
    Flag Football
    Cross Country
    Winter Sports - November - January
    Boys Basketball
    Girls Basketball
    Spring Sports - Februrary - May
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Soccer
    Track N Field



    Philosophy on Interscholastic Athletics

    At The Public Safety Academy we believe that the athletics program is an important piece of the total academic structure. While we work to build our teams to be as competitive as possible, our main objective is to help our cadet-athletes acquire important skills that will help them to achieve self confidence that they can use in their adult lives. Our coaches are focused on teaching cadet-athletes how to be the best athlete and not just how to win. Through positive reinforcement and intentional teaching, coaches show our athletes how to succeed and project an image of gracious competitors who embrace challenge, win with humility, handle defeat with dignity, advocate for their sport, and are positive community role models.


    The Public Safety Academy cadet-athletes perform under the motto: “Work Hard. Play Hard. Hoo Ra.” The philosophy of The Public Safety Academy’s athletic program centers on its coaches who put athletes in positions to learn and succeed through respect and honoring our school in all that we do, as well as the principles set forth in the mission statement of the school. The athletic department is dedicated to high academic standards, supporting ethnic and gender diversity, and providing equitable athletic opportunities for boys and girls.


    The Public Safety Academy is committed to excellence in athletics and academics as evidenced by earning the communities support and achieving our current API scores. Our Teams goals will be to provide our region with well-rounded athletes that will be able to be a contributor to their future high school teams..


    Team Goals

    (If we focus on goal number one, then goals two, and three will take care of themselves.)


    • Honor our school and our community in all that we do.

    • Work hard to improve ourselves and our team.

    • Have fun! It is a privilege to play.

      Athletic Department Philosophy Statement

      The Public Safety Academy considers participation in athletics to be an integral part of a cadet’s overall educational experience. Athletics provides opportunities for physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. The Public Safety Academy’s Athletic Program’s mission is to continually show the community that the PSA is a school of humility and honor. All cadet athletes, coaches, and individuals involved in the athletic program must work hard, play hard, to honor our school and community. In turn, accomplishing the primary goal ensures a successful program built on the strength, security, and building a foundation for our cadets future.

      Philosophy built and modified from: http://www.whitefieldacademy.com/ath_ProgramPhilosophy.aspx