Mr. Daniel Mikkola



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Daniel Mikkola

Computer Arts Multimedia I
Students in this course will develop Internet sites, graphics,
digital images, video, and multimedia products. Students
will use computers, advanced authoring software, digital
cameras, graphics tablets, digital video editing, and other
techniques to produce applications for teachers, non-profit
organizations, and others as assigned. The class will stress
teamwork, planning, and tight adherence to production
timelines. This course is academically rigorous and will
include extensive work/readings in communication, design,
instructional design, and art theory.

Computer Arts Multimedia II
The advanced-level course will build on the skills
developed in Computer Art & Multimedia. Students will
utilize advanced concepts in building interactive, databasedriven
web sites. They will also engage in production of
professional-level presentations utilizing PowerPoint,
Flash, and web-based tools. Students will develop, script
and produce high-quality video projects. Emphasis will be
upon utilizing technology as a tool for learning and helping
others. Students will perform community-based service
through preparation of multimedia materials for others
including, but not limited to, school district personnel and
non-profit agencies. The class will stress teamwork,
planning and tight adherence to production timelines.

Introduction to Marketing
This is an introductory course in the business department
for those students who are curious about business or those
who desire a career in business. Learn about our economic
system, marketing a product, becoming an entrepreneur and
owning your own business. Come explore the broad field of
the business world. DECA (An Association of Marketing
Students) activities provide leadership training, competitive
spirit, and travel opportunities.