Attendance and punctuality are important because of their direct relationship to academic progress and developing responsibility in students.  According to state law, parents are responsible for punctual and regular attendance.

     When a student is absent for any reason, the parent should notify the school office the morning of the absence.  It is also helpful to send a parent signed note (explaining the absence) on the day the student returns to school.  It is mandatory that a note be sent upon return to school if the parent has not notified the school office by telephone. 

     Students leaving school prior to the regular dismissal time must be signed out in the front office.  These dismissals will be logged in our attendance system and any unexcused dismissals over 30 minutes will be considered truant.

    Five (5) or more tardies, absences or early dismissal of any kind will be referred to our District Attendance Liason, Tye McKinney.  She will be following up with families as a support to try to alleviate these issues.  

     Following is a chart listing the various types of absences:

    Excused Absences




    Medical or dental appointment

    Funeral of immediate family members


    Absences/Personal Reasons


    Appearance in court

    Religious holiday or instruction

    Family emergencies


    Advance approval from school administration required.



    Any student with three (3) or more unexcused absences

    Any student with three (3) unexcused tardies in excess of thirty (30) minutes

    Unexcused Absences



    Lost shoes, no clothes


    Any absence without a phone call or note

    Out of town (no Independent Study)

    Family emergency

    Ill parents

    No transportation

    Independent Study

    An independent Study Contract can be requested for students who will miss five (5) or more consecutive days of school.  The contract must be approved two (2) weeks prior to the absence.  All guidelines for work completion must be met.  Independent Study is not an option when students are absent for medical reasons.

    Administrative Actions


    Result In:

    Initial Truant

    3 (30 minute) unexcused tardies

    3 unexcused absences

    Parent or guardian will be notified

    Truancy Pattern

    Any additional unexcused tardy or absence

    Second notification to parent or guardian – recorded in school files

    Parent conference recommended

    Habitual Truant

    Any student is deemed habitually truant who has been reported as truant three (3) or more times during the school year

    Parent conference recommended with school administrator

    Irregular Attendance

    - Absence in excess of 15% of the time, excused or unexcused

    10 or more excused absences

    - Parent or guardian will be notified of the irregular attendance pattern and remediation sough

    - Parent will be notified that a medical excuse from physical will be required to excuse an absence

    Student Lateness

    Coming to school after the commencement of instruction, but less than thirty (30) minutes

     - All late students more than 20 minutes late will report to the office for a late pass

    - Time of arrival and reason will be noted

    - Each teacher will establish and communicate a plan for eliminating tardiness

    - Parent or guardian will be notified following eight (8) unexcused tardies

    - Parent conference request