6th Grade

  • Students learn that to conduct effective and efficient online searches, they must use a variety of searching strategies.
    Students are introduced to the 24/7, social nature of digital media and technologies, and gain basic vocabulary and knowledge for discussing the media landscape. 
    Students learn that anyone can publish on the Web, so not all sites are equally trustworthy.

7th Grade

  • Students reflect on their responsibilities as creators and users of creative work. 
    While acknowledging the benefits of online talk and messaging, students learn how to handle situations or online behavior which may make them feel uncomfortable. 
    Students learn about the difference between being a passive bystander versus a brave upstander in cyberbullying situations. 

8th Grade

  • Students learn that they have a digital footprint and that this information can be searched, copied and passed on, but that they can take some control based on what they post online. 
    Students expand their understanding of fair use, apply it to case studies, and create an original work of fair use.
    Students learn to distinguish good-natured teasing from cyberbullying.