We would like to welcome everyone to learn more about our GATE program and what life is like here at Grange Middle School. Below you will find our student created videos talking about Grange and our GATE program.
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    Danielle Lemke
  • What is it like to be a student in Grange GATE?
    “My GATE classes at Grange helped me prepare for high school because I was surrounded by kids who were also eager to learn and who wanted to be productive during class time. It prepared me for IB classes at Armijo because it kept me engaged in education and made me love school.” – Mindy Wong, IB Program at Armijo High School, Class of 2018 
    “The Grange GATE program is not just harder work, it’s a challenge where they force you to think critically and they give you information that you will need to know in high school.” – Alexis Cole, Fairfield High School Class of 2020 
     “Honestly it’s an amazing gateway. My GATE classes really helped prepare me,” – Nicole Herston,
    IB Program at Armijo High School, Class of 2019
     “Grange GATE really prepares you for Honors/AP courses. Once you start to think GATE is easy, you'll do great in high school!” – Sandy Nguyen, Fairfield High School Class of 2017
     “I made Math II and I’m the only freshman in that class! I feel really prepared” --  Santiago Rodriguez Aviles, Fairfield High School
    Class of 2020
     “Grange GATE classes provide a lot of essay practices that helped build a foundation for high school essays. With a strong foundation, it helps you create strong essays in a short amount of time. It’s really helped me in high school” -- Chantelle Corsiga, IB Program at Armijo High School, Class of 2018
     “The GATE classes at Grange were a phenomenal way to learn critical thinking skills and advanced learning habits. GATE prepared me for the many high school exams and essays I would have to complete. The GATE program will challenge most students in a new and perhaps frightening way. Instead of simply following steps and filling out an outline, students will need to use critical thinking skills to work through complex problems… it will improve every aspect of your academics for years to come.”  -- Samuel Deal, IB Program at Armijo High School, Class of 2018
    Electives are Awesome!
     “The Grange GATE program has given me an opportunity to exceed standards and has allowed me to go through classes that are at a higher level of education than others. Most importantly, the Grange GATE program has allowed me to navigate the life I want by giving me an extremely large amount of opportunities when it comes to my education.” – Ashley Flores, IB Program at Armijo High School, Class of 2020
     “They did an amazing job preparing me for high school. The classes can be challenging at some points but it really prepares you for what's coming. GATE helps you on your path to being the best you can be.” – Grace Curry, IB Program at Armijo High School, Class of 2018
    Robotics, College and Career Club, Sports and Other Fun Activities at Grange
    “Grange was a wonderful experience for me: I learned a lot and grew so much as a student. The teachers are great, and some of the best I've ever had. Good luck!” – Madison Wheeler, Fairfield High School Class of 2020