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Meet Sherry McCormick

  • Sherry McCormick_Nelda Mundy Assistant Principal Ms. Sherry McCormick has been employed with the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) since January of 1993.  Ms. McCormick was originally hired as substitute and temporary intercession teacher at B. Gale Wilson Elementary School. She was formally hired into the District in August of 1996 as a seventh grade teacher at B. Gale Wilson where she taught prior to her advancement to site administration.  

    In 2006, Ms. McCormick, a life-long learner and dedicated Fairfield-Suisun Employee,   was promoted to the position of Assistant Principal at Armijo High School.  Ms. McCormick continued to hone her skills in instructional leadership while at Armijo, and in August of 2011, was selected to initiate, create and advance the Sem Yeto Satellite program at Armijo High School as the Assistant Principal of Sem Yeto High School.  Ms. McCormick became the principal of the Sem Yeto programs at Armijo and Fairfield High Schools in the fall of 2015. The students of the programs have thrived under her leadership. 

    Ms. McCormick as enjoyed her time as the Principal of both Sem Yeto Satellite programs.  These programs have been tremendously successful in supporting many of our students at-risk with continuing their education, transitioning back to their respective comprehensive high schools, or advancing to the FSUSD Adult School.  

    Though Ms. McCormick has enjoyed the work that she had been able to complete at the Sem Yeto programs, her heart is drawing her back to elementary school. Ms. McCormick has requested to become the Assistant Principal of Nelda Mundy Elementary School in order to re-connect with younger students, and to engage in the important work of building elementary systems where children can find success earlier in their academic careers. Ms. McCormick is an instructional leader with a true focus on each student’s needs, a collaborator who builds consensus with her staff, and someone who is ready for this new challenge of working with an elementary staff to build systems that maintain student engagement, focus on innovative practices, and keep students connected to school. Ms. McCormick’s skills in the areas of “teach for success” and “coach for success” models will be a significant asset as she joins Principal Kubiak in leading the Nelda Mundy educational community to new heights.

    Ms. McCormick earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Exercise Physiology through Chico State University, and earned her Master of Arts Degree from Chapman University.   

    Congratulations Sherry, on your transition to this new role at Nelda Mundy Elementary.

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