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About Our School

  • According to the local historical society and Tim Farmer, history teacher and member of this society, Barton Store was the first building used for education in Suisun around 1869. Curry Grammar School was later built and dedicated to G.W. Crystal. Both of these early schools are reported to have been located at the current Crystal site. The Crystal building was expanded and the first local high school occupied a part of the building. However, due to funding problems the high school was closed. A new high school was built on the Crystal site in 1893. It was used until Armijo (which was located in the building that now houses the Fairfield courthouse) was built in 1915.


    Crystal has since changed to house various grade levels. Most recently it became a middle school in 1991, under the leadership of Miss Lois Campbell (now Mrs. Lois Saunderman), Principal, and Lou Encalada, Assistant Principal.


    Crystal's namesake was Mr. George W. Crystal, who was born in 1846 and lived in the Vacaville area for 21 years. During this time he was in the merchandising business, and also manager of a Vacaville bank. His son later went on to become a financial secretary in the United States Senate.

     Crystal has a proud history and a promising future. With the dedication of a fine staff and the hard work of its outstanding students it will remain: Crystal Middle School, the pride of Suisun!