Welcome parents!

  • We are so grateful to have your child with us here at Dan O. Root II Health and Wellness Academy!  We promise to do our very best to help your child grow academically and personally. There is so much to be involved in, please take some time to review the Parent/Student Handbook as it will answer many of the frequently asked questions. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Be sure to check back often as important information will be posted here throughout the year.

  • Homework Policy

    Every homework assignment must be meaningful and appropriate for the individual child and must not simply provide additional work. Homework may include memorization, practice exercises, outside reading, art projects or family activities. Three major purposes for the use of homework may include:

    1. homework2 an extension of class work.
    2. preparation for class work.
    3. expand and enrich concepts taught.

    Students should be encouraged to develop independent study habits, and parents are encouraged and given opportunities to become involved in their child’s education. The Dan O. Root II staff has developed the following overall school plan for homework assignments, which suggests the total number of minutes per day allocated for each grade level. The responsibilities of the teacher, student and parent are also included.

    Homework is assigned according to the following guidelines in terms of “total minutes per day” to complete. Special classroom projects requiring an extended period of time to complete will be included as part of the daily minutes. The time needed to complete a given homework assignment will be based on what could be expected of an average student. Some students may take longer to complete an assignment, while other students may finish more quickly.

    The homework time allocations are:

    Grade level Total Maximum per Day
    K-3: 10-30 minutes
    4-6: 40-60 minutes

    Please note this does NOT include the required independent reading that should occur each evening.

    Student Responsibilities

    ● To understand and make note of what is expected on the homework assignments. Ask for help if it is not clear before leaving school for the day.
    ● Set a time each day to do homework.
    ● Maintain the highest quality work on homework assignments.
    ● Copy all assignments into planner (grades 4-8)
    ● Obtain the necessary books and materials to do the assignment before leaving school.
    ● Check work and, if possible, explain it to an adult.
    ● Be responsible for getting missed assignments when absent from school.
    ● Complete and return the homework assignments on time.
    ● To practice strategies in class and come ready with specific questions if task presents a problem.

    Parent Responsibilities

    ● Be available to provide supervision and support, but do not do the assignment for the student.
    ● Promote a positive attitude toward homework as part of the learning process.
    ● Be aware of the student's homework assignments
    ● Provide a suitable place for the student to work...preferably someplace that is quiet, well lighted, and supplied with any necessary equipment (scissors, ruler, pencils, pens, markers, technology, etc.)
    ● Help the student establish good study habits at home, such as a regular time and place to study.
    ● Speak with your child’s teacher if you have questions/concerns about the amount of time your child spends doing homework.
    ● Learn strategies and techniques for helping the student by taking advantage of opportunities such as parent home links and other on-line resources.

    Teacher Responsibilities

    ● Identify the purpose of the homework assignments for parents and students.
    ● Establish objectives and guidelines for special projects, including any expectations for parent participation.
    ● Provide clear directions and instructions
    ● Post all assignments and provide time for students to record them and ask clarifying questions.
    ● Provide homework assignments for all students in compliance with the grade level time allocations.
    ● Instruct students on how to develop good study techniques, study habits and the skills needed to complete homework assignments.
    ● Review and record the receipt of homework assignments.
    ● Notify parents early regarding homework problems and missing assignments.
    ● Assign long-term projects so that the completion time includes time in class and at home and is not limited to a school vacation period.
    ● Collaborate with specialist teachers to ensure homework is appropriate to student goals.
    ● Middle school teachers will collaborate with one another regarding projects and assignments.

    Administration Responsibilities

    ● Ensure that homework is consistent with the district educational goals.
    ● Monitor and support the teachers in the implementation of homework guidelines.
    ● Encourage teachers to use homework as a tool to reinforce learning.
    ● Support the need for balance among the many learning activities besides homework in students’ lives.
    ● Facilitate the communication process between the school and home and help maintain 
    the parent/school partnership as it relates to homework.

Mental Health Services for Students (EC 49428)

  • Students in need of mental health related services may reach out to their site administrator, school counselor or school psychologist. To access community-based mental health services, students with Medi-cal or Medicare insurance, or for students who are uninsured mental health services can be requested through Solano County Mental Health Access Line at 1(800)547-0495. To identify other community-based mental health providers please visit solanocares.orgStudents and families may also contact their insurance network providers to request mental health services.



    If you or your family member is experiencing an acute mental health emergency call 911, go the nearest emergency room, or contact the Solano County Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Unit at 1(707)428-1131. To access 24/7 suicide prevention support, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1(800)273-8255 or 1(888)628-9454 for the Spanish line; or to access the 24/7 Crisis Text Line, text HOME to 741741. LGBTQ youth can access crisis support through the 24/7 Trevor Lifeline at 1(866)488-7386 or Trevor Text Line text START to 678678 Mon-Friday 12pm-7pm.