Rolling Hills 2015-2016 Vision

  • Rolling Hills Elementary Students set goals for learning, engage in rigorous Common Core standards-based curriculum that includes project-based learning, creativity, innovation, inquiry, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and text-based literacy skills through culturally relevant instruction and integrated technology.  Writing occurs in all classrooms every day in every subject. Current data from multiple assessment results drives instruction and interventions.


    Student diversity is honored. Relationships are nurtured. Mutual respect, resilience, effort and a safe environment for academic risk taking are the basis for celebrated success.  Aspirations, to be the change we wish to see in the world, are embedded in instruction through service learning.  Students’ rights to a bully-free, positive and happy environment are sustained and honored by all staff members.


    Our staff members remain true to our common vision, make shared leadership decisions, engage in continuous improvement through professional development, goal setting and self-reflection.  Commitment to the success of all other adults through collaboration and respect so that all students can learn at high levels and are prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century is clearly evident.


    We welcome all learners and collaborate with students, parents and the community to create a world class education where students thrive and build skills needed for the 21st Century.