Contact Sem Yeto High School

  • Sem Yeto High School
    @ Fairfield HS
    205 E. Atlantic Avenue
    Fairfield, CA 94533
    located in the C and D wing classrooms
    on the Fairfield High School Campus.

    Sem Yeto Satellite
    @ Armijo HS
    824 Washington Street
    Fairfield, CA 94533
    located in the Annex Building
    on the Armijo High School Campus,
    near the intersection of Carpenter and Clay Streets.

            Main Office:  C-20  707-400-5292                 Main Office:  707-438-3478
               Attendance:  C-20  707-400-5293                    Attendance:  707-438-3473
               Counseling:  D-8   707-400-5301                    Counseling:  707-438-3367
               Registrar: D-8  707-400-5309                    Registrar:  707-438-3478
               Fax No: 707-421-3232                    Fax No: 707-421-4009

Sem Yeto High School

  •  "Ensuring High Levels of Learning for All Students"

    Our Mission/Vision:
    Our mission is to create a safe and supportive environment where students improve their academic and social-emotional skills in an alternative setting, in order to recover their deficient credits so that they can successfully transition from Sem Yeto.
    Expected School Wide Learning Results:
    1. Communicate Clearly:
          Students will:
    • discern audience, purpose, and respond appropriately, verbally and in writing.
    • write at or above grade level in a variety of genres.
    • respond appropriately to texts and questions, verbally and in writing.
    2. Think Critically:
         Students will:
    • ask meaningful questions
    • synthesize, analyze, and evaluate data
    3. Collaborate Effectively:
          Students will:
    • contribute actively in groups
    • encourage the participation of others within groups
    4. Demonstrate Creativity:
          Students will:
    • listen to other people's ideas
    • share their own ideas
    • share and encourage others to share unique ideas, products, and processes across subject areas