About Our School

  • Suisun Elementary is a TK-5 school of approximately 550 students located in Suisun City. Suisun Elementary is a diverse school with an exceptional staff of teachers dedicated to educating the whole student. We are proud to be a 1:1 school, in which every student has acess to either an ipad or chromebook. The school has developed a reputation for being a school that has many academic and social-emotional interventions. We are a proud member of the No Excuses University network of schools.  Our school mascot is the duck, and our school colors are blue & gold. 


Attendance Matters!

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    Daily attendance is very important at all grade levels.  A child who is not at school is not receiving the step-by-step instruction that is needed for optimal learning. Absences are excused for illness, dentist or doctor appointments, and a death in the immediate family. Any other absence is an unexcused absence. When your child is absent, please notify the school office of the reason or send a note with your child upon his/her return to school. All absences that are not verified will automatically become unexcused.

    Tardiness not only causes your child to miss instruction, but also distracts the rest of the class, as the teacher has to repeat instructions when the class is interrupted.  In case of tardiness, the child must check into the office for a tardy slip before reporting to class.  Habitual tardiness or tardies in excess of 30 minutes is the same as truancy.

  • Suisun Elementary School 

    725 Golden Eye Way

    Suisun City, Ca 94585


    Phone: (707) 421-4210

    Fax: (707) 421-3981


    Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm

Kindness @ Suisun

  • Suisun Elementary staff and students work hard on promoting and demonstrating kindness. Every January we spend one week on pushing the concept of kindness that we practice throughout the school year. As we embark on The Great Kindness Challenge we participate in special activities and random acts of kindness throughout the campus. Kindness is a way of life and at Suisun Elementary always strive to be kind. We are proud to be a Kindness Certified School... going on 4 years of kindness!

    Kindness Seal  


      Have you been kind today?