Welcome to Suisun Valley K-8 School!

  • Suisun Valley K-8 School

    The staff of Suisun Valley together with students, parents, and community, declare that our mission is to engage all students in a standards-based, meaningful, challenging curriculum which promotes student achievement. All students will acquire and use the knowledge, skills, and behaviours necessary to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

    Suisun Valley Pledge

    We are committed to creating a school that gives every student the right to achieve. Every student will have the opportunity to be successful. Every student will have the opportunity to develop their character and academic skills. The education that we provide our students will serve as the foundation that our students will build their lives upon. 

About Our School

  • Suisun Valley is a rural K-8 school of approximately 520 students located in a prime agricultural area of Suisun Valley. Approximately 60% of our students come from outside our attendance area, attending our school as a school-of-choice option or NCLB choice from underperforming schools. The school has developed a reputation for being a small nurturing school and instructionally demanding environment. Its small size promotes frequent communication among staff and parents and close supervision of students, contributing to a small-town-like shared responsibility for students' academic, social, and emotional development. Our motto "Working together for individual excellence." Our school mascot is the dragon, and our school color is red.


Our Vision

  • We believe all students can and will learn at high levels of achievement, through a standards-based program integrating the art and science of agriculture, environmental sciences, and technology. 

    Classroom environment and instructional strategies will enable our students to function proficiently in their elementary and secondary education. 

    Through high expectations, support, and multiple opportunities for learning, every student will meet their individual potential.

    Suisun Valley’s school culture promotes collaboration between colleagues, students, and parents in an environment that values and respects every member of the community.

    As a Professional Learning Community, we will work collaboratively with parents and the community, using data to drive our decision making in a supportive environment that fosters excellence in learning.

    Our mission reflects what we expect from all stakeholders: students, staff, and families. 

Front Office

  • Phone: (707) 421-4338

    Hours:  7:30 am - 3:45 pm


    4985 Lambert Road

    Fairfield, Ca 94534


    Fax: (707) 422-5710