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  • RHS Assistant Principal Allison Klein

    Allison has been with FSUSD in our Human Resources Department since 2013. Hired originally as a Personnel Specialist II, Ms. Klein was promoted to Credential Analyst in 2015. She has rapidly become a highly skilled Analyst. Allison has completed her Masters degree in Educational Leadership and her Administrative Services Credential from Touro University.

    Ms. Klein began her teaching career in Kentucky after finishing her Elementary and Math education at Northern Kentucky University. She taught for seven years in Kentucky teaching a self contained 6th grade class for two years, and then teaching five years as a Middle School math teacher.

    Ms. Klein has been instrumental in the hiring and retaining of 90% of our newly hired STSP/PIP teachers by creating an action plan for each teacher.  In collaboration with Assistant Director Cheryl Jones, Allison has supported them schooling and credentialing requirements. Ms. Klein is highly motivated and organized. She has forethought and passion in all that she does. She has never shy about doing whatever it takes to insure that we have recruited and hired qualified candidates. As the teacher shortage has grown, she has been faced with untraditional situations and has always used careful research and collaboration for all situations before making a final decision.

    Ms. Klein has served as the District Representative on the Credential Counselors and Analysts of CA (CCAC) Advisory Committee. She has partnered with Troops to Teachers and various institutions of higher education in addressing teacher recruitment.

    She served in the U.S. Air Force for three years as a C-130 Loadmaster.  Her leadership skills are highly transferable.  She is organized and a “systems thinker.”  Many of our site administrators have encouraged Allison to apply for open positions throughout the years.  Once Allison completed her field work at a school site, she was hooked.

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