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    Gary Hiner

    Mr. Gary Hiner has been a dedicated employee of the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) for eight years. Mr. Hiner’s tenure with FSUSD includes his current position as an Assistant Principal at Sem Yeto High School, as well as previously teaching students with special education needs at both Armijo High School and Sem Yeto High School.

    The following are a few of Mr. Hiner’s accomplishments while employed with FSUSD:

    • Served as the Assistant Principal at Sem Yeto High School, where he built a safe, secure environment where students could thrive.
    • Served as Teacher in Charge on numerous occasions facilitating positive engagement with students, families, and educators.
    • Collaborated with site staff, Special Education Services, and Student Services to advance the Multidisciplinary Team Program to benefit students.
    • Provided staff development to the educators across FSUSD to enhance instructional strategies, and build systems of engagement for students.
    • Facilitated Student Study Team, Individual Education Plan, and Special Education meetings.
    • Facilitated the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions Systems.

    Prior to joining the FSUSD, Mr. Hiner taught Special Education in the Vacaville Unified School District for several years before coming to Armijo High School in August of 2009. While at Armijo High School he was recognized for his ability to connect with students, and for supporting them to succeed in both their special and general education classes. He decided to transfer to Sem Yeto High School where he believed he could make a stronger impact on the lives of students who needed a smaller environment to grow and develop.

    As an administrator, Mr. Hiner focuses on building positive community environments for students so they have every opportunity to reach their academic and personal potential. As a member of the Administrative Team at Sem Yeto High School he has become an integral part of the success of many students. He is excited to return to a comprehensive high school, such as Rodriguez High School, where he can work with a broad array of educators in meeting the needs of students next year.

    Mr. Hiner obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento, his Education Specialist Credential from Brandman University, and his Administrative Credential from Touro University.

    We congratulate Mr. Gary Hiner on his advancement to the Assistant Principal position at Rodriguez High School!

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