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About Suisun Elementary School

  • Suisun Elementary is a TK-5 school of approximately 550 students located in Suisun City. Suisun Elementary is a diverse school with an exceptional staff of teachers dedicated to educating the whole student. We are proud to be a 1:1 school, in which every student has acess to either an ipad or chromebook. The school has developed a reputation for being a school that has many academic and social-emotional interventions. We are a proud member of the No Excuses University network of schools.  Our school mascot is the duck, and our school colors are blue & gold. 

Suisun Elementary Mission and Core Beliefs

  • Everyone involved at Suisun Elementary believes the academic potential of each student is tremendous.  We believe all children can learn, and that it is our responsibility to educate and nurture the development of the whole child.  We understand difficult challenges may confront some students, and thus we are committed to providing a safe learning environment that knows no limits to the academic success of each student.  As such, we strive each and every day to meet the social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of all students.

Shared Commitment:

  • The teachers at Suisun Elementary pledge to:

    • Accept no limits on the learning potential of any child:  All children can learn!
    • Collaborate regularly with colleagues, parents and the community to help implement the “Exceptional Systems:  Effective Collaboration”.
    • Become lifelong learners, continuing to improve our practice by learning new strategies proven to increase student achievement.
    • Build relationships and hold students, parents, and each other to the highest standards of performance.
    • Provide safe and effective classroom learning environments, intentionally designed to meet the needs of the whole child--social, emotional, behavioral, and academic.
    • Provide rigorous Tier 1 instruction to meet the individual learning needs of each child.
    • Hold high expectations for all of our students and colleagues.

We are a Kindness Certified School

  • Suisun Elementary is a Kindness Certified School Our staff and students work hard on promoting and demonstrating kindness. Every January Suisun Elementary spends one week on pushing the concept of kindness that we practice throughout the school year. As we embark on The Great Kindness Challenge we participate in special activities and random acts of kindness throughout the campus. Kindness is a way of life and at Suisun Elementary, we always strive to be kind.

    We are proud to be a Kindness Certified School... going on 4 years of kindness!

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