Advancement Via Individual Determination

    Decades of College Dreams 

    "AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and other post-secondary opportunities. Established more than 30 years ago with one teacher in one classroom, AVID today impacts more than 800,000 students in 44 states and 16 other countries/territories."

    At Armijo High School, Advancement Via Individual Determination is both an elective class that is taught one period each day and an official chartered campus club.  During class, students are introduced to the college culture immediately through an ever evolving curriculum centered on college readiness.  They learn the Cornell Note taking strategy, engage in project based learning, and explore and expand their own unique learning styles.

    Tutorial is a structured yet proven method to help them retain knowledge and persevere through the toughest academic challenges.  Tutorial is run by trained college students who understand the AVID vision and mission.  The tutors' goal is to guide the students through the tutorial process and support them in their rigorous course load.

    The AVID Club meets once a month to plan and execute a number of program decisions such as the design of the annual T-shirt, to where the next field trip will be, and what type of community service project they will conduct.  The AVID club has leadership opportunities for students such as club officership, group leadership, and community service leaders.

    Brad Burzynski
    Advancement Via Individual Determination Coordinator


    How to Apply 
    1. Research the Advancement Via Individual Determination program, discuss it with your parents, and make sure it's the right class for you.
    2. Contact the AVID Coordinator via email.  Include information about yourself such as your college goals, what kind of student you are, and why you're interested in the AVID program.
    3. All applications are completed online using the form below. You can click here to download the list of questions you are expected to answer on the form.
    4. The AVID Site Team will review your application and discuss the next step with you which may include scheduling an interview.
    5. After your interview, make sure your high school guidance counselor knows that you want to be enrolled in the AVID class.  You can indicate this by checking "AVID" on your registration card.  Then email or call your counselor to make sure he or she knows that you want to be enrolled in AVID.
     Interventions and Support through AVID
    Students enrolled in Advancement Via Individual Determination who do not maintain one or more of the requirements will be supported by the following interventions:
    After 1st Progress Report (first 6-week grading period of each semester) 
    • The AVID Coordinator will personally inform the student of his or her status
    • The AVID Coordinator will discuss strategies for success with the student, elective teacher, and the student's tutor
    • The AVID elective teacher will inform the student's parents via progress report to "schedule a conference ASAP"
    • The student will check in weekly with his or her teachers on the progress of the goals that were set in conference.
    After 2nd Progress Report (second 6-week grading period of each semester)
    • The AVID Coordinator personally places each student not meeting AVID requirements on Academic Probation
    • The AVID Coordinator meets with student, student's tutor, and elective teacher to discuss new strategies for meeting AVID minimum requirements
    • The AVID elective teacher informs counselor via email of the student's status
    • The AVID elective teacher will inform the student's parents via progress report to "schedule a conference ASAP"
    After Report Cards are issued (at the end of each semester), students who did not meet the minimum requirements of the AVID   program must be alternatively placed as per the Certification Requirement of the AVID program.