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    The Counseling Department provides services to support student success. Counselors advise students regarding graduation requirements, post-secondary plans, and personal and career interests.  Counselors also help students with personal and social issues that can interfere with success in school.
    The counseling offices are located in the Main Office building.
    If you need to meet with a counselor, please call or e-mail your student’s assigned counselor to schedule an appointment.  Our phone number is 707-863-7950.  When a meeting isn't absolutely necessary, e-mail is usually a much more efficient way to get answers and feedback from counselors.
    Students: Feel free to contact your counselor any time with questions or concerns.  If you’d like to see your counselor in person, sign up on the clipboards in the counseling hallway. We're here to help!
    Parents: We strongly urge you to monitor your student's grades and attendance via Aeries. Feel free to contact your student's counselor for more information.
    If you have a question about your student's grade or content/curriculum in a specific class, please contact your student's teacher(s) first.