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FSUSD Graduation Requirements

  • Subject Units
    English 40
    Mathematics (Math 1 or higher) 30
    Science (Physical and Life) 20
    Physical Education 20
    World Civilization 10
    United States History 10
    Government 5
    Economics 5
    VPA or Foreign Language 10
    VPA or Foreign Language or CTE 10
    Electives 70
    Total Credits 230

UC and CSU A-G Subject Requirements

  • Subject Required Recommended
    a. History/Social Science 2 3
    b. English 4 4
    c. Math 3 4
    d. Laboratory Science 2 4
    e. Foreign Language 2 3
    f. Visual/Performing Arts 1 1
    g. College Prep Elective 1 2 or more
    Students must earn a "C" or better each semester in all college prep courses to fulfill a-g subject requirements.
    Minimum GPA for US is 3.0, and minimum GPA for CSU is 2.0. SAT and/or ACT test required as well.