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What is a Facilities Master Plan?

  • Facility master planning is, by its nature, a broad endeavor. It is a process by which many stakeholders provide input regarding long-range, strategic issues relating to the District's educational and operational goals. The Facility Master Plan (FMP) is a "living" document and a strategic planning tool that identifies short-term and long-term facility goals within the District for the next 10-20 years. 

2021 Facilities Master Plan Update

  • District facilities are evaluated approximately every two years by staff and reviewed by the Governing Board. The objective is to ensure that current educational needs and programs are being met by the facilities at every site and to assess the condition of the buildings, infrastructure, and the safety and security of the sites. Priorities identified will be addressed with future funding. The District takes advantage of every opportunity to apply for State matching funds through the Office of Public School Construction's School Facility Program. Projects may also be completed with other funds depending on availability and fund regulations. The projects identified on the 2021 document will not be completed with Measure J funds, as all remaining Measure J funds have been allocated.


    To view the 2021 FMP Update of priortized project list, please click here.

    To view the 2021 Board presentation, please click here.

2019 Facilities Master Plan Update

  • Puzzle The updated Facilities Master Plan priorites were developed after a five month review process.  It was shared with stakeholders at the individual school sites for feedback.  It outlines priorities for current and future facilities projects and will be revised each year depending upon funding and direction from the Governing Board.

    The Facilities Subcommittee reviewed these priorites on May 14, 2019 and the Governing Board reviewed the plan on June 11, 2019 in a Study Session.

    To view the FMP Update of prioritized project lists, please click here.

    To view the Measure J prioritized project list, please click here.

2016 Facilities Master Plan

  • Map In April 2016, the Governing Board adopted a long range comprehensive Facilities Master Plan.  The process to develop the FMP was in-depth and collaborative including more than 55 meetings with over 360 participants who identified 420 projects across 37 sites. This masterplan allowed the Board to evaluate these recommendations and prioritize projects using our limited resources.


    To view the 2016 Master Plan, please click here. 

    To view the 2016 and 2018 prioritized project lists, please click here.