Planning for High School

  • Use the various links to help you and your student begin planning for success in high school.  If you have any questions about the material on these pages, please see your student's counselor or visit Ms. Matthews.

FSUSD Graduation Requirements

  • Subject Credits
    English 40
    Mathematics (Math 1 or higher) 30
    Science (Physical and Life) 20
    Physical Education 20
    World Civilization 10
    United States History 10
    Government 5
    Economics 5
    VPA or Foreign Language 10
    VPA or Foreign Language or CTE 10
    Electives 70

    Total Credits 230

Focus in school and study hard!

    • Make sure you use good study habits and keep your grades up.

    • Track your classes and grades. Create a Plan of Study at

    • Did you know you can take tougher classes in high school that can teach you more WHILE better preparing you for college? These are called Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and Honors courses. If you know what high school you plan to attend, check out what they offer in these areas and plan ahead!

    • Do you know which courses you need to take in high school to make sure that you can graduate and apply to college? Learn more about A-G requirements by visiting the California Department of Education site:  

    • Practice managing your time well. Learning to make the most efficient use of your time can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

    • Improve your reading, writing and math skills. These basic skills will serve you well in both college and career.

Do your research and prepare for college

    • Do you know where to go for information about college? Talk to counselors, teachers, parents, and friends. Ask them any questions you have about college and make sure to do your own research.

    • How do you spend your time after school? How about the weekends and during the summer? Take advantage of programs at your school, community centers, and local colleges.

    • Don’t forget to focus on fun stuff too: dance, sports, choir, and volunteer work are all great extracurricular activities!

    • You should test your skills in English, math, reading and science reasoning for practice. Consider taking the PSAT or the ACT Aspire Test. It’s good practice and your scores won’t count towards your college application.

    Plan for College