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RHS Alum Returns as Newest Member of TSS Team

Kien Nguyen


Kien Nguyen comes to FSUSD having recently graduated from San Jose State University. Kien was “made in FSUSD.” He attended Rodriguez High School and he is thrilled to be back. He has worked on many challenging projects with state-of-the-art technologies, including web based applications, mobile applications, and database management. He is familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and has experience with database management through formal education and personal interest.

Below is an excerpt from one of Mr Nguyen’s letters of recommendation:

“I have witnessed Kien operate as the software engineer he has been working so diligently to be. He has demonstrated his skill in coding and software development through different projects of app development and implementation. The most interesting and ambitious project that stood as a true testament to his understanding of coding, software installation, and leadership was his drone project. Leading a group of 4, he started with a regular drone equipped with a camera and the idea was to make it cover up graffiti.

He is brilliant and quick minded person; he has a logical mind, one with charisma and leadership skills. He has been more than ready for all that the professional tech world has to offer. One of his most outstanding characteristics is his independence of thoughts, willingness to express his thoughts, and teach others. He’s open to discussion and willing to support others in order to benefit themselves and the people he works with overall. If something that he feels is off, he will act without hesitation to remedy the situation before it becomes out of hand.”

Mr. Nguyen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from San Jose State University in December 2017. He has a plethora of technological experience and has served as the Device Operations Engineer on several projects, including but not limited to, a “Graffiti Cleaning Drone.”

It is with great pleasure that the Fairfield-Suisun administrative team announces Mr. Kien Nguyen as our Systems Analyst within Technology Support Services.


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