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New Coordinator of Parent and Family Engagement

Ashley Caldwell Mrs. Ashley Caldwell joined Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District August 2014 as an Employment Training Specialist. She served in the role of an Employment Training Specialist for six months, when she was promoted to an Attendance Liaison. Ashley has served as an Attendance Liaison for five years, where she has truly made a positive impact on all stakeholders in the District. Prior to the start of her FSUSD career, Ashley worked for San Jose Job Corps as a Career Transition Specialist, Contra Costa Child Care Counsel as a Subsidy Counselor, Community Child Care Coordinating Council of Alameda County as a Child Care Services Specialist, as well as Alameda County Probation.  

Below are excerpts from Mrs. Caldwell’s letters of recommendations:

“Mrs. Caldwell is valued for her ability to support students, parents, support staff and administration as it pertains to the legalities of school attendance. She is consistently professional. Because she understands that students and parents feel the need to be valued and heard, she never takes thing personally and always maintains her professionalism in situations where most would not.”

“She is organized, efficient, punctual and willing to take on challenging tasks. Ashley interacts very easily with all levels of management and is well liked and respected. She has a passion for enriching the lives of the youth she services. She is dedicated to her work and very dependable.”

“I have observed Ashley work first hand with difficult students and parents with diverse backgrounds as well as families with various needs. She has a great ability to connect with all students including socioeconomically disadvantaged students, students with learning difficulties, students with anger issues, students that are recommended to participate in conflict resolutions, students that are on probation as well as students that are homeless or foster youth. Her biggest attribute is she is always focused on what is in the best interest of students.”

Mrs. Caldwell earned a Bachelor of Art Degree in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Corrections and a Minor in Human Development from California State University East Bay in June 2009. Her education, her work experience, and who she is known to be throughout FSUSD truly make her the most valuable candidate for this position.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Mrs. Ashley Caldwell as Coordinator of Parent and Family Engagement. We are excited to continue to watch her bloom in this management position. Congratulations Ashley!


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