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Director of Transportation Appointed to Lead

Marcela Arizpuro Ms. Marcela Arizpuro will join Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District from Tuscon, Arizona. She has served as Director of Transportation and Food Service for the past three years, for Amphitheater Public Schools, where she holds a huge responsibility for multiple tasks. In her current role, Ms. Arizpuro supervises staff comprised of 135 food service personnel, and 138 bus drivers, where she also develops an annual eight million dollar budget. Marcela is responsible for monitoring the financial health of her departments, ensuring departmental compliance with agreements, policies, and federal laws, as well as maintaining and creating standard operating procedures for Food Service, while also preparing state and federal reports amongst a wide variety of other responsibilities.

Below is an excerpt from one of Ms. Arizpuro’s letters of recommendation:

“Ms. Arizpuro consistently goes above and beyond to find solutions to problems and issues. She is a dependable resource for many people and sees all issues through to resolution. She gets to the root cause of issues and demonstrates a dynamic leadership role in her daily activities. She is a team player who is very easy to work this. She took on one of the most difficult positions in the district with a vision and mission for success. She worked tirelessly to her goals and more importantly worked with integrity and passion every day. Ms. Arizpuro was put in difficult situations but always embraced the challenge. Her leadership skills are second to none.”

Ms. Arizpuro earned a Bachelor of Science Finance Degree from the University of Arizona. She later earned a Master of Administration Degree, with an emphasis in Public Management, from Northern Arizona University in 2010. She was recognized by School Transportation News Magazine in a Top 10 National Recognition, awarded with the Industry Leader Award.

We welcome Ms. Arizpuro to California with open arms and support, and look forward to getting her familiarized with our Fairfield-Suisun community. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and strong background in education and transportation. Congratulations Marcela!

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