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Ms. Lopez to soar into lead role at Anna Kyle

Araceli Lopez Ms. Maria (Araceli) Lopez Fierros, also known as Araceli Lopez, is being promoted from her current position as Assistant Principal, to the Principal position at Anna Kyle Elementary School. Ms. Lopez has served as the Assistant Principal at Anna Kyle Elementary since the Fall of 2017. She joined the District in 2006 working as a Dual Immersion Teacher at B. Gale Wilson K-8 School. During her tenure at B. Gale Wilson, Ms. Lopez served as the Teacher in Charge, where she was able to lead her fellow staff members. She then became the Assistant Principal in 2016 at Nelda Mundy Elementary School, prior to accepting the Assistant Principal position at Anna Kyle. 

When you visit Anna Kyle Elementary you will find Ms. Lopez Fierros with a teacher offering support, checking in with them, and just simply saying hello. She walks the campus and is familiar with all staff members, and students, calling everyone by their name. She is dedicated, loving and passionate, in which it shows directly when watching her when she is doing what she does best!

The current Principal of Anna Kyle Elementary School, Mr. Steve Phillips, who will join the District’s Special Education Department in the Fall of 2019 included the following in Ms. Lopez Fierros’ letter of recommendation: 

“Ms. Lopez is very comfortable in, and understands the importance of her role as a coach to our teachers. Her extensive teaching experience and refinement of her coaching strategies has earned the trust and respect of our entire staff. Ms. Lopez possesses various critical leadership traits, including her superior collaboration, communication, interpersonal, and time management skills - each of which support the best possible coaching outcomes. She is a very capable and effective administrator. She is timely for all assignments, meetings and other commitments. She is well prepared for meetings, provides detailed and data-driven reports concerning student progress and needs, and flexibly works with staff members in developing plans that meet the academic and behavioral needs of our students.”

Ms. Lopez Fierros received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from California State University, Sacramento in 2003. She continued with California State University, Sacramento, furthering her education and earning her Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in National Board in 2009. She received her Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and Administration from Brandman University in 2014. Ms. Lopez also holds a California Administrative Credential, as well as a Bilingual-Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Credential (BCLAD). 

It is with great pleasure that the FSUSD Administrative Team recommends Ms. Maria (Araceli) Lopez Fierros for the position of Principal at Anna Kyle Elementary School. We are confident that Ms. Lopez Fierros will continue to shine at Anna Kyle, and will continue pouring love and passion into the students, families, and the entire Anna Kyle community. Congratulations on your promotion Araceli!

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