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New principal appointed for Bulldogs

Vickie Johnson Mrs. Victoria (Vickie) Johnson joined the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Certificated Team almost ten years ago, starting out as a first grade teacher at E. Ruth Sheldon Elementary School. She has taught kindergarten through second grade over the years at various sites, including: Anna Kyle Elementary School, Cordelia Hills Elementary School and Suisun Elementary School. Ms. Johnson also served as the Teacher of Academic Support at Suisun Elementary School where she was able to provide outstanding mentorship and guidance to teachers. Ms. Johnson was board appointed to Assistant Principal of Dover Academy for International Studies in April 2018. For the past year she has worked alongside Principal Amy Chavez, and the two of them have made an excellent team. It has allowed Ms. Johnson the opportunity to familiarize herself with the administrative world at Dover. 

Ms. Johnson mentioned in her interview process for the Assistant Principal position at Dover, that although she had derived great pleasure as both a Classroom and Academic Support teacher over the last ten years, her coaching and leadership experience have well prepared her for entering the world of educational administration. She speaks of her last year at Dover, serving as the Assistant Principal as being an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to expand her knowledge. 

A former colleague, Ms. Freshta Gran, included the following passage in her letter of recommendation:

“When I started out as a new teacher at Suisun Elementary, Mrs. Johnson went out of her way to lend a helping hand when needed. She took on the role of teacher mentor, providing help with planning, tips for working with students with behavior challenges, and sharing any and all new teaching strategies she learned as a part of her constant involvement in professional development in the areas of math and ELA. It was soon evident that I was not the only one who Mrs. Johnson reached out to as a new teacher. Over the years, I have witnessed her take on this mentor role with every new teacher who has joined our staff. She has been an amazing teacher leader, providing coaching to new and veteran teachers. Mrs. Johnson’s passion for education is evident in the fact that she is constantly seeking out ways to improve her teaching practice.”

Mrs. Johnson attended California State University, Sacramento obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in History. She completed her teaching credential at Chapman University, and then later earned her Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership from Brandman University.  

It is without a doubt that Ms. Johnson will continue to be an amazing asset to the Dover Academy for International Studies Administrative Team. The Educational Services Department along with the Fairfield-Suisun Administrative Team is confident in Ms. Johnson’s ability to lead Dover’s students, families and community, and therefore recommends Ms. Victoria Johnson for the position of Principal at Dover Academy of International Studies.

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