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Custodial Operations Manager Takes the Helm

Kenneth Morasci Mr. Kenneth Morasci joined the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) in 2006 as a Groundskeeper at Cordelia Hills Elementary School. Mr. Morasci served the Cordelia Hills Elementary School Community for over 8 years, in which he promoted to Custodian II, then Custodian III, and then in 2015 he became the Custodial Supervisor. In 2016, Mr. Morasci was appointed as the Assistant Custodial Operations Manager, and has been serving in that position since. 

When it comes to working with District employees, Mr. Morasci believes in providing help and support in the form of coaching, as well as, providing the necessary tools needed to empower staff members to become successful. His experience provides him with the qualifications and skills necessary to fill the position of Custodial Operations Manager. 

Current Custodial Operations Manager, Joe Caldwell, included the excerpt below in his letter of recommendation for Mr. Ken Morasci:

“Ken is hardworking, honest and a very fast learner. Ken is a strong leader and directs the work of others extremely well. He has been preparing himself to become a leader of people while attending workshops and online courses that relate directly to the cleaning industry standards. Ken is very organized and has been creating daily work schedules for employees since his arrival in the Operations Department. Mr. Morasci is a very honest and thoughtful individual that has earned the respect of many, and would best serve FSUSD as Custodial Operations Manager.”

Mr. Morasci received his Associate of Arts Degree in Computer Information Technology from Heald College, as well as his Associate of Arts Degree in Music from Solano Community College. He is certified in a plethora of Custodial Operations topics, including, but not limited to: Asbestos Awareness Training, Indoor Air Quality and Mold Awareness, FRISK Documentation Model, North Bay Schools Insurance Authority Supervisors Academy and Basic Awesome Communication.  

When it comes down to the recruitment of a new Custodial Operations Manager, there is none better than Mr. Ken Morasci. The Fairfield-Suisun Administrative Team is excited and proud to announce Mr. Ken Morasci as the Custodial Operations Manager.

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