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FSUSD offers a tribute to 2021 retirees for their commitment to the community and district

Fairfield, CA - The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District celebrated this year’s cohort of retirees at a recent governing board meeting. Representatives from every corner of the district, from school sites to departments lauded their esteemed colleagues for their commitment to public service and exemplary dedication to the community.

In a video presentation honoring this year’s retirees, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Ken Whittemore noted that altogether this year’s honorees will leave their roles with a collective 1,262 years of service to the district.

“Those years represent far more than just a number, but rather the dedication of those who have been directly responsible for laying a foundation of habitual organizational excellence that will touch the lives of so many to come. Today, we navigate the
bittersweet departure of close colleagues and friends, but wish them only the best in their inevitably joyous adventures ahead.”

- Kris Corey, FSUSD Superintendent

While celebrations of staff members entering retirement were subject to certain health and safety restrictions this year, retirees were recognized at their respective worksites in addition to the aforementioned board meeting. Each honoree received the FSUSD Outstanding Service Apple, a marble trophy with the details of their service to the district engraved therein.

Several honorees were concurrently awarded for years of service milestones with etched glass plaques honoring their 25, 30, and 35 years of service with the district.

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Retiring Administrators

Laurie Halcomb, Principal, 36 years

Sheila Smith, Principal, 7 years

Sandra Jayawardene, Central Kitchen Manager, 19 years


Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Retiring Teachers

Barbara Niehoff, 33 years

Thomas Vohs, 31 years

Jo Lynn Briggs, 30 years

Ellen Mahrt, 29 years

Catherine Bryan, 27 years

Mary Llewelyn, 26 years

Margene Rich, 26 years

Maria Vermes, 24 years

Leslie Farwell, 24 years

Cheri Pangburn, 24 years

Robin Voss, 24 years

Karen Hall, 23 years

Meena Mathew, 21 years

Arthur Sullivan, 21 years

Phyllis McFadden, 19 years

Donna Goodman, 17 years

Kevin Kenyon, 17 years

Cynthia James, 15 years

Lillian Muniz Thompson, 15 years

Janis Lubker, 15 years

Willeah O'Connor, 9 years

Allan Owens, 3 years

Eric Jackson, 1 year


Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Retiring Nurses, Speech Pathologists, Counselors & Phychologists

Laura Diamond, Speech Pathologist, 31 years

Joanne Acosta, Counselor, 20 years

Kathleen Boyajian, Nurse, 11 years

Lesda McCready, Psychologist, 5 years


Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Retiring Classified Staff

Renee Wheatley, Personnel Specialist II, 41 years

Frederic Oren, Custodian, 36 years

Lynnette Bresson, Paraeducator, 29 years

Dawnell Long, Librarian, 25 years

Elizabeth Chase, Child Nutrition Services, 23 years

Martha Spacil, Paraeducator, 23 years

Linda Arbuckle, Child Nutrition Services, 21 years

Denis Matison, Transportation, 21 years

Kathryn Young, Secretary, 20 years

Clinton Greenfield, Transportation, 19 years

Hui Hang Huang, Child Nutrition, 17 years

Faren Jones, Secretary, 17 years

Olivia Amezquita, Child Nutrition, 16 years

Susan Harris, Secretary, 16 years

Cynthia Smith, Secretary, 16 years

Lynette Allen, Purchasing, 15 years

Lisa Wright, Secretary, 14 years

Deborah Mulvey, Secretary, 7 years

Rebecca Diggs, Behavior Technician, 6 years

William Greenlaw, Custodian, 6 years

Maria Mendoza, Child Nutrition, 5 years

Rosanne Aylworth, Secretary, 5 years

Donna Johnson, Data Clerk, 3 years