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FSUSD receives a $268,000 grant to support clean energy transportation

Fairfield, CA - The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District has been awarded a $268,000 grant from the Carl Moyer Grant Program in partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in order to procure two new near-zero emission propane buses and to cover all related infrastructure costs.

As part of the grant, two of the oldest diesel buses in the FSUSD fleet will be decommissioned. FSUSD’s participation in the Carl Moyer Grant Program has enabled the district’s transportation department to retire a total of twenty fuel-inefficient diesel buses.

“Our partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Carl Moyer Grant Program has allowed us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint through the decommissioning and replacement of old diesel bus models, with newer and more efficient models. As it stands today, 30% of our buses are now more environmentally friendly and we expect that to grow”, states Director of Transportation, Marcela Arizpuro.

With the significant reduction of noise and emissions that the two new propane-fueled buses bring, they have been slated to provide for transportation of special education students. FSUSD looks forward to applying for additional Carl Moyer Program grants and expanding its fleet of near-zero emissions vehicles.

“The Air District is pleased to provide Carl Moyer Grant Program funding for important air quality projects like near-zero-emission school buses, which can help to significantly reduce toxic diesel pollution around Bay Area schools,” said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Air District. “Since children are especially sensitive to air pollution, alternative-fuel school buses can help protect one of our most vulnerable populations, while reducing the air quality impacts of getting students to and from school.”

The Carl Moyer Memorial Program is a state-funded grant to upgrade or replace heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment, including on and off-road vehicles and equipment, school buses, agricultural equipment, marine vessels, and locomotives. This
program aims to reduce air pollution from diesel engines operated in California by public and private entities.

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