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Governing Board Doubles Down on Efforts to Recruit Substitute Teachers

Governing Board Doubles Down on Efforts to Recruit Substitute Teachers

FAIRFIELD, CA - The significant increase in pay for Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) substitutes, ratified by the Governing Board at last night’s meeting, makes the District highly competitive in attracting available substitute candidates to its ranks.  On average, teacher substitutes will realize a 50% increase in compensation with the new salaries for teacher substitutes.  The need for substitutes is a crisis situation as school districts struggle to find workers.  Any individual with a Bachelors of Arts of Science degree may be eligible to service in this important capacity.

Day-to-day substitutes holding a “substitute permit”, a “valid” teaching credential, or those who have completed professional development training will receive an $11.03 per hour increase earning $34.48 per hour. Substitutes working 21 consecutive school days will receive $300 per day.  Because of the extensive need for substitutes working in special education classrooms, substitutes serving in this capacity will receive $310 per work day.. FSUSD values retired employees.  Retired FSUSD employees who return to substitute teach in the district shall receive $42.76 hourly compensation for a total of $310 per work day.

This recommendation from FSUSD staff, ratified by the Governing Board, was necessitated by a shortage of substitute teaching candidates in the current job market.  This need is directly related to the effects of COVID-19 and the work required to serve the students during this pandemic.

“During these unprecedented times, the Superintendent and Governing Board are taking unparalleled steps to make sure the students of our district are served in the best manner possible. We appreciate the Board’s dedication to increased compensation which will improve our efforts to recruit substitutes.”

-Ken Whittemore, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

FSUSD is also committed to reimbursing substitutes for their emergency substitute credential fees.  Those wishing to become a substitute in Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District should contact the Human Resources Department via the information below:


Apply Now


Debbie Byrd, Personnel Specialist I

Phone: (707) 399-5078



Ken Whittemore, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Phone: (707) 399-5016