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Community, Culture, Family: The Suisun Elementary Way


Community, Culture, Family: The Suisun Elementary Way

FAIRFIELD, CA - Share your genius. Encourage others. Stand for justice. These invocations, written in the Suisun Elementary School mission and core beliefs, encapsulate the atmosphere of this Fairfield-Suisun TK-5 Elementary School located at 725 Golden Eye Way, Suisun, CA. With the return of in-person instruction, families and staff alike have been particularly in tune with the idea that students may require unprecedented support to counter the effects of the hiatus from learning on campus. Staff decided to lean into the “Suisun Elementary Way” to cultivate a sense of unity, trust, and family. Staff at Suisun Elementary School believe that partnering with families is pivotal to providing a “village” that serves approximately 550 students. This sense of family is felt by students the moment they step foot on campus. The day begins with upbeat music playing over the loudspeaker and students eating a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Parents are welcomed on campus for a daily morning walk around the blacktop while students and staff recite the Suisun Elementary Daily Affirmations in English and Spanish. Principal Neubert, her staff, and a chorus of young, strong voices repeat, “Today is a fresh start. I am genius. I encourage others. I stand for justice. I matter. I am enough. I will give grace to myself and others. I am in charge of my life and my happiness. I will be great on purpose. The world needs me because I can make a difference.”

Families join staff for the morning routine of a walk around campus and recitation of Daily Affirmations.

Suisun Elementary School has developed a reputation for being a school that provides many academic and social-emotional interventions. The school is a proud member of the No Excuses University (NEU) network of schools. NEU schools are based on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they choose to attend. Suisun Elementary staff work together to align their standards as a cohesive team. This unification of goals allows staff to collectively exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in all students. When asked why she comes to work each day, Principal Ann Marie Neubert responded, “Relationships with our children and staff are the most fulfilling for me. It is the community, the sense of family that we have here at Suisun Elementary, that makes the difference.”

Suisun Elementary students are greeted by smiling staff each morning.

To learn more about how the students and families of Suisun Elementary School are motivated by the inclusive community, contact Principal Neubert by calling (707) 421-4210 or by emailing