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Facilities Priorities Identified and Discussed at Fairfield-Suisun USD Governing Board Meeting

Facilities Priorities Identified and Discussed at Fairfield-Suisun USD Governing Board Meeting 


FAIRFIELD, CA - At last night’s meeting, the Fairfield-Suisun Governing Board heard an informational item prepared by Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) Facilities and Operations Department regarding future Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Priorities. The report identified 18 district-wide priorities reviewed by the Facilities Subcommittee. The District will work with an estimator to determine the anticipated costs for these prioritized facilities projects. All of the projects listed are currently unfunded. The FSUSD Governing Board gave direction to initiate a survey of a random sample of registered voters to test attitudes toward the district, specific project support, tax tolerances, and overall support for a local school district funding measure. This survey would provide the Governing Board with feedback from the community on their support of a potential future facilities bond measure. 

Per Board Policy 7110, the Facilities Master Plan is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to reflect changes in the educational program, existing facilities needs, and demographic data. In February 2021, the process began with staff reviewing the 2019 priorities and updating it for the current needs of the FSUSD 

community. The 8-month review process involved discussions between various district departments and feedback from school site stakeholders. The revised priorities were shared and discussed with the Facilities Subcommittee. The list was finalized and will assist the District in determining the top priorities for our facilities should additional funding become available. 

Before and after library facilities at Sheldon Academy of Innovative Learning, funded by Measure J. 

“In a safe, welcoming, and supportive learning environment, we provide innovative educational opportunities to develop resilient students who are inspired to succeed.”

”We are thankful for the valuable input from our stakeholders, not only this year but the previous years as well,” states Executive Director Paul Speed. “They help ensure that our priorities reflect the true needs of FSUSD students, staff, and families.” 

The objective of the FMP review is to ensure that the facilities at every site are meeting current educational needs and programs and to assess the condition of the building, infrastructure, and current safety and security of the sites. Priorities identified will be addressed with future funding. FSUSD takes advantage of every opportunity to apply for State matching funds through the Office of Public School Construction’s School Facility Program. Projects may also be completed with other funds depending on availability and regulations. The projects identified as 2021 priorities will not be completed with Measure J Funds, as all remaining Measure J funds have been allocated. 

Jon Isom from Isom Advisors addressed the Facilities Subcommittee and shared the history of the District’s General Obligation Bonds and assessed values. The Facilities Subcommittee recommended that the entire Governing Board provide direction to staff and conduct a public survey. 

Before and after K.I. Jones Elementary School entry, funded by Measure J. 

The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District has nearly a decade of proven financial support from the community. In March of 2002, the residents of Fairfield and Suisun voted for the passage of Measure C, a bond for $100M. Measure C provided new classrooms, made essential health, safety, and building repairs at aging school facilities, and relieved overcrowding by acquiring, constructing or renovating local school sites. Measure C was one of the most successful bond programs in the state, with nearly 50 projects completed. 

Measure J, a $249M bond passed by voters in June 2016, has upgraded, modernized and constructed classrooms, science labs, and libraries across the district. Completed projects have improved students' access to technology, repaired leaky roofs, replaced outdated electrical plumbing systems, and upgraded the safety, security, and access for students with disabilities. 

“The improvements in our school sites thanks to Measure J have been greater than anyone could have imagined!” Superintendent Kris Corey continued, “ Our students and staff are extremely grateful to the Fairfield and Suisun communities for their generous support of our district.” 

“In a safe, welcoming, and supportive learning environment, we provide innovative educational opportunities to develop resilient students who are inspired to succeed.”

For more information regarding responsible use of funds and completed or in-progress facilities projects related to Measure J, visit or contact the Facilities and Operations department at (707) 399-5148.