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Data Security is Critical

All Staff,

Yesterday, I gave out pre-printed Post-It Notes to the TSS staff to leave on workstations as a reminder of the importance of data security whenever they see a computer logged in without a person around. They were instructed to lock the computer and leave the Post-It Note.
The Post-It note says:
"Your computer has been locked by the TSS Department. On a Windows computer, locking your screen is as easy as pressing the Windows + L key. Please lock your computer whenever you leave it to protect student data and the safety of your account."
While it may feel a little invasive (like someone violated your space) when one receives a note like this, I want to assure everyone that our goal is to protect our staff and our students. Employees have lost their jobs because they shared their access with another person, and leaving a workstation logged on is an easy way to share access with someone else unintentionally.
Please give our TSS staff grace if you receive a Data Security Post-It Note. You aren't in trouble - this is just a reminder because we care about you! If you have any concerns, feel free to come to me.
Tim Goree - Director of Technology Support Service
(707) 399-1200