Graduates sitting through a graduation ceremony

FAIRFIELD, CA - Graduation Week at Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) kicked off Wednesday evening as Sem Yeto High School proudly celebrated the achievements of their Class of 2023. The event, held at Armijo High School, marked a significant milestone in the lives of 160 remarkable students, who eagerly embarked on the next chapter of their lives.

The graduation ceremony was a joyous and memorable occasion, filled with heartfelt speeches and encouraging messages. James Hightower, the principal of Sem Yeto High School, delivered an inspiring address to the graduating class, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities, pursuing dreams, and shaping a prosperous future.

To conclude his speech, Hightower said, "As a Sem Yeto graduate, always hold your heads high because you are all success stories. Know your worth because you are all amazing, capable, and valuable. And never forget where you came from, but always give back—give back by sharing your stories and encouraging others, young and old, so that they too can persevere."

Principal Hightower's words were further complemented by insightful speeches from teachers Jeff Scott and Dean Shreve. Bria Posey, a remarkable student speaker, also took the stage to share her personal journey and inspire her fellow graduates. Posey's empowering message showcased the incredible talent and potential within Sem Yeto High School's student body.

The graduation ceremony had an atmosphere of pride and joy as the friends and families of the graduates gathered to celebrate this exciting achievement. FSUSD Governing Board president Dr. David C. Isom, Board members Helen Tilley, Judi Honeychurch, and Jack Flynn, Superintendent Kris Corey, and other members of the FSUSD district staff attended the event to join in celebrating the accomplishments of Sem Yeto’s Class of 2023. 

"We are immensely proud of the graduating class of Sem Yeto High School," said Superintendent Kris Corey. "Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance have brought them to this pivotal point in their lives. We have every confidence that these young people will go on to accomplish great things and make a positive impact in our community and beyond."