Kids standing in front of an exhibit

FAIRFIELD, CA - On June 7, 2023, Public Safety Academy (PSA) proudly announced the grand opening of its new museum, offering an exciting and educational experience for students, families, and community members to explore the "Frontiers of History."  Located in the Public Safety Academy library, the museum featured interactive exhibits, artifacts, and information from various historical periods and regions around the world. With the theme "Frontiers of History," the museum aimed to highlight pivotal revolutions, technological advancements, human rights movements, and other significant historical breakthroughs that have shaped the future.  The museum was organized by the Sophomore and Junior classes, who took pride in creating and curating the exhibits. The students also acted as tour guides during the event, sharing their knowledge and insights with visitors.  Visitors to the museum encountered a variety of exhibits, offering different perspectives on history. They could test their knowledge of famous revolutionaries, participate in creating their own protest signs, and witness a Lego replica of a printing press in action.  Angel Molinero, a junior at PSA, reflected on his experience, stating, "I was thrilled to be part of this museum project. Designing and presenting an exhibit allowed me to delve deep into the history that I'm passionate about. I also really enjoyed working together with my classmates to make this museum a success."  The museum exemplifies Public Safety Academy's commitment to providing an engaging educational environment. By exploring historical events and their impact, the museum enriches students' understanding of the world and fosters critical thinking skills. It also encourages collaboration and dialogue among students, families, and the wider community.