A man giving a speech in front of a projector

Fairfield, CA - In a proactive step towards promoting online safety and fostering a secure digital environment for its students, the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) organized a comprehensive seminar on cyber safety. The seminar, led by renowned author and cyber safety expert Clay Cranford, author of "Parenting in a Digital World,” took place on August 21, 2023, at the Joseph A. Nelson Community Center in Suisun City. 

FSUSD's commitment to the well-being and safety of its students extends beyond the classroom. Recognizing the need for parents and guardians to be well-informed about the digital landscape their children navigate, the district invited adults from the FSUSD community to attend this insightful 90-minute seminar. 

Clay Cranford, a trusted voice in the field of cyber safety, addressed a range of pertinent subjects during the seminar. Attendees were provided with a comprehensive overview of the current impact of bullying in schools, an understanding of popular social media platforms and apps prevalent among young individuals, and an exploration of the potential risks associated with these platforms. The presentation also delved into effective strategies for monitoring online activity, enabling parents and guardians to play a proactive role in their children's digital lives.

Earlier in the day, Clay Cranford visited Crystal Middle School, where he delivered a seminar to students about cyber safety. Cranford provided each grade level with an assembly focused on teaching students about their presence on social media. Students learned about the dangers online as well as helpful tips to support a positive presence in the digital world

Jay Dowd, Principal at Crystal Middle School, shared, "In today's interconnected world, teaching our students about cyber safety is a must. Making sure they can handle the online world safely aligns perfectly with our main goal of helping them grow into well-rounded individuals."