AHS's Virtual Enterprise Team

Fairfield, CA - On December 8, 2022 Armijo High School’s Virtual Enterprise team had the opportunity to present their business plan at Napa Valley College. It was later announced that the Armijo High School team placed in the top 42 teams in California, qualifying them to compete at the state-level competition being held in Bakersfield on January 26, 2023. 

The Virtual Enterprise Team is made up of six students. The student’s created SOSAS, an online apparel company dedicated to honoring friends and classmates who have passed away. The students spent months writing a business plan, preparing a slide show, and practicing their parts before presenting them to the judges. The team was required to submit a four-page executive summary and their presentation materials prior to the competition for the judge's review. 

After presenting, the students received feedback from the judges. The team was commended for their business mission statement: “SOSAS: We honor the ones who couldn't graduate by our side and support the families dealing with a tragedy for which no one could ever be prepared.”

Placing in the top 42 in California qualifies the team to compete at the state competition for a Top 16 spot. Should they make it into the top teams, they will have the opportunity to compete in New York in April 2023.

“I am incredibly proud of the team,” said Armijo High School Multimedia Academy instructor Lori Gonzalez. “The students have all worked incredibly hard to prepare for the competition, and it is great to see their dedication pay off!"

Lindsey Michels
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