Students visiting the Tesla Factory

Fremont, CA – A group of thirty middle school students from the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) had the opportunity to tour the Tesla factory in Fremont on Monday, February 7th, 2023. Organized in partnership with Kids Teach Tech and Urban League of Greater San Francisco Bay Area, the trip gave students a behind-the-scenes look at the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing process and the cutting-edge technology used by Tesla.

During the visit, the students met with Tesla executives and production team members, who shared their knowledge and expertise about the company's mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. Students also had the opportunity to meet with Tesla recruiting experts to talk about goal setting and career development. Students were then taken on a tour to see the assembly line in action, where they observed the creation of Tesla's iconic electric cars from start to finish.

"This visit to the Tesla factory was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our middle school students," said FSUSD Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Jaden Baird. "By seeing the innovation and technology in action, they were able to learn about the potential of a career in the STEM fields and how they can make a positive impact on the world through their future careers."

The visit to the Tesla factory is part of FSUSD's ongoing commitment to providing hands-on learning opportunities for its students, exposing them to real-world applications of STEM concepts, and inspiring them to pursue careers in these fields.