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Military Families

Greetings Military Families,

The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District takes great pride in extending a warm welcome to military families knowing first-hand the unique needs of military-connected children and families. When you join our community, we hope that you find an environment that feels just like home.

We have nineteen elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools.  We also have alternative education programs and an independent study program for families selecting those options for their children.  Students are assigned to schools by residence address using our school locator. We also accept intradistrict transfer applications to move between district schools, and interdistrict transfer applications for students living outside our district's attendance area as space is available.  

Please see below to help answer any additional questions and see available resources.

If you have questions about course offerings, the school calendar or schedules, or other school-specific information, please contact your child's new school directly.  Contact information is available on each school's web page or you can see information for all schools by clicking the "Schools" tab located at the top of the page.

Sheila McCabe, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, can help you with general questions or direct you to the correct person.  She and her assistant may be reached by phone at (707) 399-5049, or at emails:,

We are proud to honor the Compact, and our staff are familiar with its provisions.  Frequent moves can create challenges in meeting high school graduation requirements because of state differences, and our staff is experienced in applying Compact flexibility so students progress smoothly through high school and graduate prepared for their next step, whether that be college or career.  Details about the provisions of the Compact are available from the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission.  



Point of Contact

Email Address

Cordelia Hills

Megan Thole

Green Valley

Alanna Navarro


James Macariola

Laurel Creek

Lucius McKelvy


Ashley Kelley

For Elementary inquiries, please contact Elementary Education. Leann Lytle or Ivette Guzman can answer your questions or direct you to the correct person.  

Leann Lytle - Secretary III: (707) 399-5041, or

Ivette Guzman - Secretary II: (707) 399-5064, or

For Secondary Inquiries, please contact Secondary Education.  Perla Summers or Emily Kile can answer your questions or direct you to the correct person.

Perla Summers - Secretary III: (707) 399-1230, or

Emily Kile - Secretary II: (707) 399-5131, or

Transitions can be especially challenging for students with disabilities, and it is helpful to have communication and the IEP before your child arrives so that we can plan a smooth transition to meet your child's unique needs. 

To begin this communication process, please contact Stavros Gougoumis or his secretary Cat Ledesma by phone at (707) 399-5071, or by emails: